Bonnie Henderson


Bonnie is a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother

I have had many years of experience on various committees and boards which help me in the role of Stratford City Councillor. I am a team player.

I have been recognized for my work in the Community with the 2006 Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism in Ontario, 5 year Volunteer Award for Stratford City Council, Woman of the Year and Safety Awards.

I’m retired so have the time and commitment to work on behalf of you and your concerns to make our city an even better place to live and work.

Currently I’m still involved with CBEAC, OEN, Retiree Committee for Unifor 4451, the United Way Campaign steering committee, the Huron/Perth Autism Chapter.

I sit on the following committees for Stratford City Council - Infrastructure, Transportation & Safety, Planning & Heritage, Chair Social Services.

I also sit on some advisory committees and boards on behalf of Stratford City Council and they are – AAC (Accessibility), Parks Board, CIB (Community In Bloom), Energy & Environment, MSSC (Municipal Shared Services Committee), Perth & Stratford Housing Corp, Perth District Health Unit PDHU, Property Standards Committee, Town & Gown.

What I bring to the table for experience are the following list of committees, boards, events I’ve organized over the years before being elected to Stratford City Council.

  • Member of SWEC (Storm Water Advisory Committee for City Council)
  • Energy & Environment sub committee for City Council
  • Pesticide Use Committee sub committee for City Council
  • Integrated Pest Management / Plant Health Care sub committee for City Council
  • City Emergency & Safety sub committee for City Council
  • CBEAC - Civic Beautification & Environmental Awareness Committee
  • Dandelion Festival - Groundswell
  • Perth County Greenworks – Energuide, Green Home Visits, Solar Panels at Optimism Place
  • Falstaff Advisory Foundation Committee
  • Volunteered for the Red Cross
  • Earth Day presenter with the National program “Earth Day in the Schools
  • Founding board member of the Huron/Perth Legal Aide Clinic
  • Steering Committee Member of OEN (Ontario Environment Network)
  • Negotiation and Grievance Committee for the union CAW 4451
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee & Safety Trainer
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Union Executive
  • Trustee for Stratford & District Labour Council
  • Women's Committee Chairperson
  • WRED Board
  • Optimism Place Board
  • c.a.r.e. (Common Action for the Restoration of the Environment) committee
  • Huron/Perth Autism Stratford Chapter


Tel: 519-271-4545


Each Candidate was asked to send a bio, photo and to respond to the ten questions below with a limit of 75 words per answer. We have identified any truncated content with “...[]” Please feel free to reach out to each candidate for more information.


1. Over the last five years, how have you contributed to the City of Stratford (volunteering, boards, etc.)?

I’m on the United Way Campaign Committee, treasurer for CBEAC (Civic Beautification & Environmental Awareness Committee), executive at large on the Huron/Perth Autism Board and am on the retiree committee of my union Unifor 4451.

2. What do you believe your unique contribution will be to council (strengths)?

The ability to listen, then act on how best to help the issue and continually improving communication to the citizens.

3. What would you like to see achieved over the next four years (be specific)?

Have the 55 units for affordable housing be built, 12 homeless units be built, change routes so buses are on time, see the Community Hub started with the seniors getting a permanent place to call home, the bike and pedestrian plan continuing to use this. have the sidewalk built on the east side of Erie St from West Gore to Lorne Avenue then out to Packham Road. Sidewalk on Lorne Ave from Erie to Downie…[]

4. What committees do you see yourself sitting on and what experience qualifies you for that committee?

Social Services, ITS (Infrastructure, Transportation & Safety), Community Services. I feel the courses I’ve taken over the years and the experience from all the volunteer work I’ve done helps me to qualify to sit on these committees.

5. What means of transportation are you using in the city, and/or in and out of town and what improvements do you recommend?

I use my personal vehicle but would like to see a bus route at least weekly to Kitchener and London and improvements to our transit system. System that lets the ridership know where the buses are, more bus shelters and benches.

6. Describe what you believe the Cooper Site should look like in 10 years?

It should have the senior centre, the YMCA, the university rooms, day care, non-profits having space there, Canadian Opera and other similar businesses with capital.

7. What are your objectives with respect to housing and how do you expect to accomplish them?

I would like to see the current stock upgraded and made more energy efficient. Continue to seek out partners in the community to build more units and government funding.

8. If elected, what three steps would you take to put our city on a firmer financial footing?

Continue to pay down the debt and keep the costs of the city around the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment).

9. How will the new provincial legislation with respect to conflict of interest on municipal councils, coming into effect January 2019, hinder your effectiveness on council?

I don’t see any problem

10. How will you encourage youth engagement, retention, re-attraction and skills development?

Get the youth committee going, involve the University/Chef’s School/Conestoga College to find out what the youth would like to see here.