Dan Mathieson


Dan Mathieson is a lifelong resident of Stratford, he and his wife Carolyn have 2 children, a daughter a Kaitlyn and son Riley.

Dan has served Stratford as Mayor since 2003 and previously as a member of Council. He is currently Chair of the Ontario Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), Past Chair of Kings University College at Western University, Chair of the Stratford Police Services Board, a member of the Board of Directors of Festival Hydro and Rhyzome Networks and Invest Stratford.

In 2015, Dan was awarded the Alumni Award of Excellence from Master of Public Administration, at Western University. In 2012, Dan received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and in 2002 Dan received the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for public service.

Dan has received an ICD.D Designation through the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Guelph and a Masters of Public Administration Degree from Western University.

For more information regarding my candidacy can be found at danmathieson.com

Each Candidate was asked to send a bio, photo and to respond to the ten questions below with a limit of 75 words per answer. We have identified any truncated content with “...[]” Please feel free to reach out to each candidate for more information.


1. Over the last five years, how have you contributed to the City of Stratford (volunteering, boards, etc.)?

During the past years, I have contributed to the community by working with these organizations:

  • Chair & Board Member of Invest Stratford
  • Chair, Stratford Police Services Board
  • Board Member of Festival Hydro & Rhyzome Networks
  • President & Board Member, Stratford Warriors Hockey Club
  • Chair & Board Member, King’s University College, Western University
  • Member, Stratford Perth Community Foundation, Nominating Committee
  • Ex-Officio Board Member, Stratford Festival
  • Advisory Board Member, University of Waterloo – Stratford Campus

2. What do you believe your unique contribution will be to council (strengths)?

I have a strong understanding of the municipal act, various provincial funding/granting programs and regulations, along with the leadership ability and experience to help bring council, community, staff and stakeholders together. Also, my network of contacts at both the federal & provincial elected and bureaucratic level will help the city navigate approvals, requests & partnerships that will benefit the city.

3. What would you like to see achieved over the next four years (be specific)?

  • Start construction on the Community Hub (including Seniors Centre, Youth Centre/facilities, YMCA, University student life centre & cultural/arts space)
  • Update and continue to execute the Stratford Perth 10 Year Homelessness Plan
  • Implement a financial commitment of $400,000 a year for the implementation for the units as Pedestrian Master Plan each year for the next term of Council
  • Continue to offer the Skills Connect Program to assist those in employment transition or needing retraining
  • ...[]

4. What committees do you see yourself sitting on and what experience qualifies you for those committees?

If elected Mayor, I would be an ex-officio member of all Council committees as set out in the city’s procedural bylaw. I would be prepared to continue serving on the Board of Festival Hydro, Rhyzome Networks and Invest Stratford. I would like to continue with the Minor Sports Council and I would like the City to consider starting a Community Mental Health Committee of Stakeholders and to focus on youth mental health and engagement. Further...[]

5. What means of transportation are you using in the city, and/or in and out of town and what improvements do you recommend?

I currently use a family vehicle to travel around and outside of the city. I am a leisure bike rider in the evening and on weekends. When travelling to and from Toronto and the train schedule permits I take VIA rail from Stratford or Woodstock and have taken GO Transit from Kitchener.

The improvements I would like to continue to push for is

  • Create a riders advisory group to recommend improvements to Stratford Transit
  • Support...[]

6. Describe what you believe the Cooper Site should look like in 10 years?

The Grand Trunk Community Hub will have a number of user groups and components including a Seniors/Active Adults, Youth, University students, Arts & Cultural space, A YMCA and a long term tenant such as the Canadian Opera Company within the preserved and renovated space. As well as, intensification and a mix of residential offerings, including affordable and public housing.

7. What are your objectives with respect to housing and how do you expect to accomplish them?

To work on updating our 10 Year Homelessness & Housing Plan as we are at the 5 year mark of a 10 year Plan

  • Use the updated plan to develop new incentives, such as the possible use of a Community Improvement Plan to provide incentives/tax concessions to builders who build the affordable housing units
  • Advocate for stable, long term and committed federal / provincial funding, as well as tax incentives for developers who build affordable housing...[]

8. If elected, what three steps would you take to put our city on a firmer financial footing?

Pass an operating budget sufficient to offer the service levels approved by Council and required by the community. Then follow that up with regular financial monitoring to ensure adherence to budget is being maintained and any variances are identified early and corrective action can be implemented. A 10 year capital forecast will be based on this Asset Management Plan and will assist Finance to plan funding levels required for fiscal sustainability. Federal/Provincial grant opportunities...[]

9. How will the new provincial legislation with respect to conflict of interest on municipal councils, coming into effect January 2019, hinder your effectiveness on council?

The new legislation will not hinder my effectiveness. I will as required declare both orally and in written form as prescribed by the legislation any conflicts I may have.

10. How will you encourage youth engagement, retention, re-attraction and skills development?

In 2017, Perth4Youth initiative brought together Perth County, St Marys and Stratford to examine and develop youth retention strategies through public consultation. The taskforce addressed the question of why youth between the ages of 15-29 were leaving the community. I would work to implement and build on the recommendations :

Perth4Youth Facebook page

Autumn 2018: Roundtable with University of Waterloo Masters Students

Autumn 2018: Creation of a Youth Council

Ongoing Meetings with community partners to discuss...[]